Ecologic Staff
Introducing our dynamic team of Educators.

We are passionate about teaching about our fabulous coastal environment and love working in the outdoors.
We have a diverse range of skills and qualifications in Science, Education, Recreation, the Humanities and Land Management. We all have a qualification in First Aid, including some with a Wilderness First Aid, and all have a Working with Children Check. Our skills encompass environmental education, outdoor education, curriculum development, land conservation and management, land assessment, lighthouse tour guiding, and community education.
We are a great bunch of local people who live here because we like to connect to our natural world through surfing, walking, snorkelling, swimming and a surprising number of us have artistic talents as well.

Sharon Blum-Caon
Sharon is the Manager of Ecologic, combining management of the business with a love for environmental education. With two degrees in Science, Sharon has worked in various management roles as an Environmental Scientist and Manager with private corporations and local government. Her knowledge in these fields is detailed and diverse. Sharon is a keen surfer, snorkelling instructor, bushwalker, and loves to travel and play music.

Peter Crowcroft ‘Possum Pete’
Pete’s science degree included an honour’s year studying possums and gliders. He relates closely with nocturnal animals and is renowned for his ability to call owls. Pete also has an Education qualification and enjoys teaching environmental education to all ages. Pete’s love for the Surf Coast extends to canoe and snorkel instruction, bushwalking and he is a passionate surfer. He is also a key worker in Ecologic’s Land Management team.

Andy Gray
Andy works with us as the land management co-ordinator. Andy has worked with Ecologic for many years, including as business Manager, and brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to Ecologic. He co-ordinates land management contracts with local land managers and supervises our works crew in areas such as Revegetation Plans and implementation, as well as restoration of remnant vegetation. He also co-ordinates Weed Management Plans and their implementation, including in sensitive coastal dune systems. Andy loves to surf and to work on his new house and garden.

Rebecca McCristal
Bec is qualified in Environmental Science and Education and has loads of experience in community education in fisheries, water-watch and land management. She is a terrific project manager and community development officer. Bec also loves spending time camping and being at the beach.

Simon Lont
Simon has a qualification in Biological Science and has been with Ecologic since the business began. He brings a broad knowledge and a great sense of humour to his teaching. Simon is one of our fantastic snorkelling and canoeing instructors as well as teaching many of our environmental sessions. He also enjoys playing tennis and driving very big harvesters in Northern Victoria.

Rebecca Hosking
Bec has a diverse background in education, marketing and public relations. After a degree in Humanities, Bec has worked in a number of fields. Her passion for the Surf Coast has driven her love of environmental education and photography. She enjoys working with many different groups to explore the beauty and mysteries of this unique environment. Bec is a snorkel instructor as well as teaching environmental interpretation.

Bindy Russell
Bindy combines interests in Visual Art and Outdoor Education and teaches in our environmental education sector. Bindy is a one of our keen canoeing instructors, loves bushwalking and snorkelling as well as surfing and yoga. A very balanced operator!

Catherine Rowe
Catherine loves being a tour guide at our Split Point lighthouse. She has a passion for local history and is an engaging guide and is knowledgeable about Round the Twist, lighthouse facts and funnies, and the lives of the lighthouse keepers.

Carolyn McKinnon
Carolyn has qualifications in Art Education and works as a teacher and a terrific carver of Jade and other stones. She has managed an Arts business and takes carving commissions. Carolyn works with us as a lighthouse tour guide, enthusiastically engaging school children and the community in the history and culture of the lighthouse.

Regina Gleeson
Regina comes to Ecologic with a long background in secondary and tertiary Outdoor Education and in curriculum development. She loves teaching about and exploring the Surf Coast, and works in the educational services sector of Ecologic and in the office. Her guided walking business allows her to pursue her bushwalking passion.

Melanie Costanzo
Melanie is a long term educator with Ecologic’s environmental education arm. She is an enthusiastic marine and coastal educator, sharing this role at the Melbourne Aquarium. Mel’s Science and Education qualifications provide strong skills in working with school groups. She also loves engaging with local fauna and with wildlife rescue. What Mel doesn’t know about penguins is not worth knowing!

Sophie Small
Sophie comes to Ecologic with broad skills in land management and environmental education. With qualifications in Conservation and Land Management, and the Arts, Sophie is a member of our land management crew and teaches a broad range of environmental education sessions with us. She is also a Conservation Volunteers Australia Team Leader and a Seed bank Co-ordinator. Her passion is in environmental conservation, and she loves bushwalking and yoga.

Claire Stocks
Claire is a serial offender with Ecologic, returning for another stint in our environmental education sector. She is an engaging educator with qualifications in science education. She loves teaching about the natural world and enjoys anything to do with the Surf Coast.