Find out why our marine environment is one of the hardest places in the world for animals and plants to survive.

You will have a close look at our collection of preserved marine animals then take on the role of these creatures in a ‘Needs Auction’, where each will fight for their food, shelter and protection from predators.

It quickly becomes clear that competition exists for these resources, highlighting the struggles faced by marine life every day.

Duration2 hours
SitesForeshores or camps in Torquay, Anglesea, Aireys Inlet and Lorne
SuitabilitySessions can be modified for middle to upper primary, secondary and tertiary students
Cost$21 per person incl GST.
Minimum group charge $315

*Add a lighthouse tour! Ask us about extending your activity in Aireys Inlet and including a tour of the Split Point Lighthouse. See our Lighthouse page for information & pricing.