Gallery24Beginning with a short rockpool ramble to identify a range of intertidal species, participants will use transect lines, quadrats and keys to determine the distribution of life across the rock platform.

This is an exploration of the primary biological, physical and chemical factors that affect life on the coastal fringe.

Duration2.5 hours
SitesPoint Danger Marine Sanctuary (Torquay), Point Addis Marine Park (Anglesea), Eagle Rock Marine Sanctuary (Aireys Inlet), Point Grey (Lorne)
SuitabilityThis session is designed for Year 10 & VCE Biology and Geography, and VCE Outdoor & Environmental Studies
What is suppliedtransect lines, tape measures, quadrats and field study booklet
NoteZonation Studies and Rockpool Rambles must be held around the low tide
Cost$24 per person including GST.
Minimum group charge $360
$24.50 per person including GST for Lorne and Barwon Heads