mapJoin us to unravel the mysteries of the past and discover fossilized remains of marine life that lived many millions of years ago. As well as finding real marine fossils in the cliffs, participants will make their own ‘fossils’ to take home and create a pre-history time line on the beach.

Find out how our cliffs and sandy beaches are formed, and discover how the coastline has changed over time, as a result of ice ages, tectonic forces and weathering. Create a submerged land bridge to Tasmania, recreate the fault lines of Demon’s Bluff and discover continental drift and the story of our polar dinosaurs with our Gondwana activity.

Duration2 hours
SitesPoint Addis (Anglesea) or Step Beach (Aireys Inlet)
SuitabilitySessions can be modified for middle to upper primary as well as secondary school students.

NoteSessions must be held around low tide to safely access the cliffs.
Cost$22 per student/ person including GST.
Minimum group charge $330