octThe dynamics in a rockpool change as darkness settles in.

Under spotlight, participants will observe the interactions between the secretive nocturnal marine animals as they move, hunt and feed at night.

Discussion of the importance of marine reserves in monitoring sustainable use of the ocean, and aboriginal uses of the shore environment.

Duration2 hours
SitesPoint Danger Marine Sanctuary (Torquay), Point Addis Marine Park (Anglesea), Eagle Rock Marine Sanctuary (Aireys Inlet), Point Grey (Lorne), Barwon Bluff Marine Sanctuary (Barwon Heads)
SuitabilitySessions can be modified for all age levels, from primary school to tertiary/ adult groups
What is suppliedLeaders will carry spotlighting torches. Participants should bring their own torches too
NoteRockpool Rambles must be held around the low tide
Cost$21 per person including GST.
Minimum group charge $315