Canoes give us access to a network of sheltered canals feeding off the Anglesea River.

Along the way, participants will have fun, while discovering some amazing features of the wetland and river system, and the animals that survive there.

Basic skills for safety and technique are taught before entering the canoes.

Specific content around indigenous land and plant use, and sustainable management of the river system can be included to meet curriculum outcomes, if desired.

Eco-Logic outdoor education canoe qualified staff can be employed to lead your extended canoe trips.

Duration2 hours
SitesCoogoorah Park/ Anglesea River (Anglesea)
Painkalac Creek (Aireys Inlet), Spring Creek (Torquay), Barwon River/ Lake Connewarre (Barwon Heads)
SuitabilitySessions can be modified for middle primary school to tertiary/ adult groups. Can be linked to Year 10 & VCE Geography and VCE Outdoor & Environmental Studies.
What is suppliedCanoes, paddles and PFDs (personal floatation devices)
Cost$41 per person including GST.
Minimum group charge $492.
$43 per person for Barwon Heads

*Add a lighthouse tour! Ask us about extending your activity in Aireys Inlet and including a tour of the Split Point Lighthouse. See our Lighthouse page for information & pricing.