Find out what’s so special about the place where the river meets the sea.

estuary You learn about estuaries in terms of their physical features and aquatic inhabitants. Participants also find out about the importance of estuaries and how to protect them.

Participants can:

        • catch and release juvenile fish using our environmentally sensitive seine nets to learn about fish breeding nurseries and habitat.
        • be involved in estuary watch program of water quality testing
        • explore human impacts via the ‘Story of a River’ activity.
        • explore the world of invertebrates in the estuary
        • play an environmental game on the beach
        • explore the flotsam along shore.
Duration2 hours
SitesAnglesea Rivermouth, Aireys Inlet Rivermouth
SuitabilitySessions can be modified for middle to upper primary school, as well as secondary school and tertiary groups
Cost$16.50 per student/ person including GST.
Minimum group charge $247.50

*Add a lighthouse tour! Ask us about extending your activity in Aireys Inlet and including a tour of the Split Point Lighthouse. See our Lighthouse page for information & pricing.