Our qualified staff:

Eco-Logic staff are qualified in a range of disciplines. We are proud of the fact that each staff member is multi qualified, i.e. Tertiary- qualified in Teaching, Conservation & Land Management, Science (Marine and/or terrestrial), Outdoor and Environment Studies, Recreation etc, and individual disciplines such as Canoeing, Snorkelling, Stand Up Paddle Boarding, Hiking, Wilderness First Aid. We have curriculum writers and program planners on staff who have experience in schools.

Our staff not only lead educational sessions, but additionally we are actively involved in land management works/plans and are volunteers of local organisations such as Friends of Eagle Rock Marine Sanctuary, ANGAIR, SANE and CoastAction/Coastcare.

Lastly, Eco-Logic maintains a great working relationship with all of the land managers of our region; we also hold all of the appropriate permits to lead groups in the areas where we work.

Victorian Curriculum

Our programs are designed to reflect the Victorian Curriculum. We are able to offer flexibility in programming, for example, marine and coastal species and eco-systems, estuary and river processes, endangered species, coastal conflicts and management, geology and geography themes, natural and cultural history, Physical Education and Outdoor Education themes.Our programs tick the boxes for the Health and Physical Education domain and also Interpersonal Learning. Within those, the Discipline-based Learning occurs primarily in the Geography and Science areas.

We aim to provide local knowledge, hands on, wet feet experiences that cover the content in a fun and engaging way. Whether it’s netting for fish, poking around in a rock pool, searching for fossils, creating cliff formations, ponding, doing water quality testing or inter-tidal transects, spotlighting, revegetating, meeting the local species –as preserved animals or on session- Eco-Logic can plan a program for you.



We offer canoeing, snorkelling, hiking, coastal revegetation, and a range of other activities suited to VET/VCAL students. Let us role-model a business which employs and engages graduates in an Eco-accredited and ethical manner whilst encouraging a stronger sense of stewardship and responsibility for the preservation and management of our natural environment.



OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAWe understand the expectations of VCE and have experience teaching students these units. We know the story of the place where we live and work. Local and relevant issues are always changing and we have an up to date, hands on understanding of these coastal issues. We provide the staff, the gear and equipment to run sessions in a professional manner.

VCE Outdoor and Environmental Studies

Surf Coast, Barwon Coast, and  Lorne Discovery Camps
Specifically designed to address VCE Units 1-4.

Sea Change Adventures

Lorne Discovery

Surf Coast Adventures

Why Choose Eco-Logic to lead your VCE OES activities in the Surf Coast / Otways Region?

  • Eliminate any ratio concerns and corresponding costs for adventure activities
  • Employ leaders who know the story of the place you are visiting
  • Reduce the amount of equipment you need to organise and provide for the trip
  • Employ leaders who know the expectations of VCE OES

At Eco-Logic we understand the time constraints put upon an outdoor education teacher. We have created a series of trips that address particular Unit outcomes through a combination of activities. All the coordinating teacher needs to do is organise the accommodation, food and transport and Eco-Logic provide the rest.

We can also create flexible programming such as our Sea to Summit journey. Snorkel the marine environment, canoe a river and hike to a peak- all in one day. This program allows students to learn about the characteristics of three outdoor environments and different ways of understanding them, as well as the human impacts on those environments.

Or try our Marine National Park Auction, an interactive activity which explores the conflicting needs of all users of Marine National Parks. We’ll take you there, play the game, and discuss the conflicting views.

VCE Geography

Let Eco-Logic staff guide your students based on local knowledge of the environment and of local issues. Our knowledge informs sessions such as Processes and Pressures, Coastal Conflicts or Rock of Ages. You might explore Marine National Parks, the Anglesea Coal mine and power plant or the issue of Fracking on the Surf Coast.  Or try our Marine National Park Auction, an interactive activity which explores the conflicting needs of all users of Marine National Parks. We’ll take you there, play the game, and discuss the conflicting views.

VCE Science

Inter-tidal Zonation Study

Beginning with a short rockpool ramble to identify a range of intertidal species, participants will use transect lines, quadrats and keys to determine the distribution of life across the rock platform.

This is an exploration of the primary biological, physical and chemical factors that affect life on the coastal fringe.

Talk to us about your curriculum needs.