Eco-Logic Autumn 2012 Newsletter

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Another year…another exciting Eco-program!
Creature Feature – Maori Octopus
Staff Profile: Patrick Kirkby
Enviro Diary

Another year…another exciting Eco-program!
Eco-Logic’s environmental education programs offer the opportunity for hands-on, nature-based learning, whilst encouraging a stronger sense of stewardship and responsibility for the preservation and management of our natural environment.Our programs are tailored to accommodate the individual school’s needs, and are suitable for students from kindergarten through to tertiary level.Our staff are passionate about the coastal environment, and incorporate creative teaching styles that place an emphasis on personal engagement and enjoyment. They are experienced and qualified in areas such as education, outdoor recreation, a variety of sciences, and land management.

We are offering a wide range of activities this year, from canoeing, snorkelling, coastal walks, junior ranger activities, fossil safaris, and exploring rockpools and estuaries.

We welcome you to join with us on the Surf Coast for an inspiring and unique experience.

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Creature Feature – Maori Octopus
The Maori Octopus hangs out in rockpools all along the Surf Coast. This beautiful animal is also highly intelligent – in captivity we have to put a brick on top of the lid of their tanks as they soon learn to escape!Like Blue-Ringed Octopi, they can change colour using skin pigment cells called chromatophores, by basically tensing or relaxing their skin cells. They like to hunt at night, feeding on crabs with their giant parrot-like beak. Join us on a rockpool ramble session and hopefully we will get to spot one of these majestic creatures in action!

PatStaff Profile: Patrick Kirkby

Patrick is passionate about our coastal environment, and loves every second he gets to spend sharing it with his groups at Eco-Logic. His all-time favourite would have to be exploring the rockpools at Airey’s Inlet at twilight – the best time to spot the captivating Maori Octopus.Patrick has an amazingly diverse background, ranging from environmental science to geology, climate change and marine biology. He is currently studying his Masters in Environmental Studies, while spending as much time as he can in the ocean and amongst our unique coastal heathlands.This winter Patrick will be travelling to Vietnam and Thailand to run projects aiming at empowering vulnerable communities to respond to the challenges of climate change.

Enviro Diary Earth Hour – Sat 31st March, 8:30pm
Turn your lights off for one-hour to help raise awareness of the need for action on climate change.
Earth Day – Sun 22nd April
Join over a billion people worldwide in making your own pledge for the environment (

International Migratory Bird Day – Thur 3rd May
Come down and visit the amazing wetlands and estuary systems of Anglesea or Aireys Inlet and marvel at the wonderful diversity of migratory birds that visit our coastal environment.
World Ocean’s Day – Friday 8th June
Why not join us for an ocean snorkel or rockpool ramble session to explore the wonders of the ocean, and to learn about how we can better protect it.

National Volunteer Week – 14th – 20th May
Could there be a better time to join an environmental group and assist with all the wonderful work being done for our environment?