Learning about Sustainability

Sustainability education is futures-oriented, focusing on protecting environments and creating a more ecologically and socially just world through informed action.

At Ecologic we explore Natural Environments and Ecosystems to learn about the interdependent and dynamic nature of systems that support all life on Earth and our collective wellbeing. Our hands-on, experiential approach allows students to engage with the natural world in a fun and safe way.

We also explore Indigenous relationships as a model of sustainability with the environment as part of our programs.

Natural Systems

Rocks, cliffs and dunes
Rivers and Estuaries
The Marine World
Forest and Bush


Coastal Bush

The Moonah Woodland
– Endangered Species

Intertidal Zone

Life Forms

Fish and Marine Mammals
Bush Critters
Riverine Species

Ecologic Education is an educational provider with more than 20 years’ experience working with school groups along the Surf Coast. We teach to Victorian Curriculum and VCE courses such as Geography, Outdoor and Environmental Education, Biology. Contact us for more information on this hands on, contemporary program suited to your course.