Teacher Pay Announcement.

Great News!
Ecologic is very pleased that this employment process has now been resolved. This then signals the end of the 38 hour week campaign.

If you were holding off on running a camp or excursion because of this campaign we would like to invite you to now consider a visit to the Surf Coast to explore some of fabulous curriculum-based programs.

Gallery40We adapt these sessions to suit the appropriate curriculum for each year level. Check out affordable accommodation at surf clubs, camps and caravan parks.

Find out more details at our Activities page

Here’s a sample of options for terms 2 and 3 include the following:

Estuary Discovery Years 3-10.
From exploration, catch and release netting to water quality testing and human impacts.

Rockpool Ramble Years 3-10.
Discovery of a marine eco-system and adaptations to environments

Intertidal Zonation Study Years 7-12 & VCE Biology
Beginning with a short rockpool ramble to identify a range of intertidal species, participants will use transect lines, quadrats and keys to determine the distribution of life across the rock platform. This is an exploration of the primary biological, physical and chemical factors that affect life on the coastal fringe.

newsletter05Rock of Ages Years 7-12
VCE Geography. Find out how our cliffs and sandy beaches are formed, and discover how the coastline has changed over time, as a result of ice ages, tectonic forces and weathering. Explore our amazing fossils. Geography/science based program at stunning Pt. Addis.

Fossil Safari Years 3-7 Go fossil hunting, fossil making, and do a time-line activity at stunning Pt. Addis.

Coastal Processes and Pressures Years 8-12
VCE Geography, OES Could you once walk to Tassie? Find out about the natural processes and human pressures that impact upon the coast and our marine life. How was the coast formed, and what shapes it? Who were the first people to live on the Surf Coast? What are the current pressures and issues that affect our coastline?

Coastal Conflicts Years 10-12
VCE Geography, OES Coal mining, logging, tourism, urban development, perceptions to nature. Case study of a small coastal town and it’s planning process. Or explore impacts on marine species in a ‘Needs Auction’ using our preserved marine critters.

Canoe Discovery Paddle Years 5/6 -12
Canoes give us access to a network of sheltered canals feeding off the Anglesea River. Along the way, participants will have fun, while discovering some amazing features of the wetland and river system, and the animals that survive there.

Junior Ranger Years 3-8
Become a ‘Junior Ranger’ in the local bushland and find out about the adaptations that native Australian animals use to survive. You’ll have a close look at our collection of preserved possums, owls, echidna and reptiles; practice your detective skills to find signs of animals on a short walk, use nets to find out more about life in a pond.

Lighthouse tour All ages Find out about the Shipwreck Coast history, the lives of the lighthouse keepers, and the amazing stories of the lighthouse on our special student tours.