Eco-Logic’s environmental education programs offer opportunities for hands on, student-centred learning whilst encouraging a stronger sense of stewardship and responsibility for the preservation of our natural environment.

Eco-Logic aims to accommodate individual school’s needs, and our staff incorporate creative teaching styles that place an emphasis on personal engagement and enjoyment.

Eco-Logic’s activities:
• Cater for individual schools needs

• Provide valuable learning opportunities for students from primary school to VCE

• Support Key Learning Areas (KLAs) such as Civics and Citizenship, The Humanities– Geography and History, The Arts, English, Health and Physical Education, Maths and Sciences

• Can be used to support the Discovering Democracy projects and Values Education projects

• Provide opportunities for student-centred activities, first-hand observations, experiential learning, investigations, data collection and discussions

• Have been developed with an understanding of KLA concepts K-12 by specialist teachers at Eco-Logic.

When booking your activity, let us know how we can best match our activities to your curriculum and classroom studies.

also see Eco-Logic’s Curriculum Philosophy